Tennis Elbow – Case study vlog

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Tennis Elbow – Case study vlog

Jonathan B.: Here we’re treating Joey’s tennis elbow, and basically three things are going on here. The near-infrared laser is penetrating the skin and going in about five centimetres and stimulating ATP production, which is energy production. Now, the more energy tissue’s get, the quicker it heals. It also stimulates the production of nitrous oxide, which helps circulation, and that also will speed up the healing. The final thing this does is, it triggers the production of a chemical which is a signalling molecule, which signals to the cell to repair, to make new cells. Those three things together speed up the healing extremely fast. Joey, how long have you had your tennis elbow?

Joey: I’ve had my tennis elbow for about 30 years.

Jonathan B.: Right, so what have you done for it?

Joey: I’ve tried various treatments, and also I’ve had PRP, plasma-enriched, and it sort of fixes the problem for a short period, for maybe, say, it varies. Sometimes for three weeks, sometimes a little bit longer, but it always seems to come back, but since I’ve been having laser, the pain hasn’t come back, so it’s after probably about five treatments of laser, it seemed to get rid of the problem.

Jonathan B.: Excellent. Cool, and so how many treatments did you have to have, before the pain kind of diminished?

Joey: On the whole, it probably started working immediately.

Jonathan B.: On the first treatment, yeah?

Joey: On the first treatment, and then it just got progressively better.

Jonathan B.: Fantastic.

Joey: Until it totally went away.

Jonathan B.: Excellent.