What is hot laser therapy?

Laser therapy applies laser light in the near-infrared wavelengths to the surface of the body, penetrating deep into cells triggering biochemical reactions that increase cellular energy, oxygen levels and trigger the re-growth of nerves and other damaged tissues. Hot laser therapy differs from low level (cold) laser therapy because the dose is 200 – 400 times stronger and feels warm.

What conditions can hot laser therapy help with?

Any injury or degenerative condition that the body can heal, can potentially be enhanced with laser therapy. The laser stimulates tissue repair and speeds up healing regardless whether it’s muscle, tendon, ligament or bone.

We treat a variety of conditions such as:

• hip or shoulder bursitis
• headaches
• heel spurs
• low back disc degeneration
• neck pain
• osteoarthritis of the knee, hip, hands and feet
• plantar fasciitis
• rheumatoid arthritis
• sciatica
• shoulder impingement syndromes
• tendonitis
• tennis elbow
• general aches and pains
• post-operative recovery

How much is a laser therapy treatment?

15 minute treatments are only $65 per session.  30 minute treatments are $105 per session.  The amount of time required depends on the area being treated.  Smaller areas such as knees, shoulders and feet can be treated within 15 minutes.  Larger areas such as lower backs or multiple areas requiring treatment will need a 30 minute session.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments vary depending on the severity of the issue.  For example, knee arthritis may take 12 – 14 treatments, while as a muscle tear only 2-3 treatments. Patients start to see results within a few sessions and sometimes immediately.

What does laser therapy feel like?

The treatment is painless and feels nice and warm. Most patients say it feels very calming.

Does it really work?

Yes it does. Our patients are getting amazing results. Check out some of these testimonials:

Steve Harris Testimonial

Joey talking about his experience of laser therapy for his tennis elbows

Tony Shoulder testimonial

Is laser therapy covered under medical rebate?

Unfortunately health funds are tightening the rules and laser therapy isn’t as yet covered. 15 min sessions are only $65 to keep it affordable.

Who administers the laser therapy treatments?

Our team are dedicated nurse practitioners who are committed to helping people heal and live quality lives.  They embrace our vision and values, ensuring you feel safe and cared for during each session.

Is laser therapy good for pain relief?

Laser therapy can provide pain relief and enhance your own body’s ability to heal itself.

Can laser therapy help with peak performance?

Laser therapy penetrates deep into cells triggering biochemical reactions that increase cellular energy, oxygen levels and trigger the re-growth of nerves and other damaged tissues.  This helps aid recovery, reducing recovery time and supports performance training.

What is tendonitis and how can laser therapy help?

Laser therapy can help to reduce inflammation of tendonitis and increase the rate of healing.

Can hot laser therapy help with osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis can be painful to live with, and hinder the ability to complete everyday tasks. Our treatment triggers biochemical reactions that increase cellular energy, increase oxygen levels and the re-growth of nerves and other damaged tissues.

What should I wear to the treatment?

Wear comfortable clothing that allows the practitioner to get easy access to the treatment area.  Laser needs to be applied directly to the skin.

Are there any safety issues that I should be aware of?

Patients will be required to wear safety glasses, provided by the practitioner.  This is to protect your eyes from the laser light, just like sunglasses help protect your eyes from the effects of the sun.  The practitioner will also wear safety glasses.   

Where is the Be Pain Free clinic based?

The clinic is based at 152 Ashmore Road, Benowa 4217.  The clinic phone number is 07 5597 5711.

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