High-Intensity Laser Therapy to treat shoulder problems

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High-Intensity Laser Therapy to treat shoulder problems

Now laser therapy, it turns out, is a very effective treatment for all kinds of shoulder impingement syndromes.

Shoulder impingement syndromes are very difficult to treat, the worse ones needing surgery. But we find with all sorts of shoulder impingement syndromes, from supraspinatus tears to subacromial bursitis, we can get some very good results using the laser.

Each treatment will take less than 10 minutes. Results are normally in the first one or two treatments. And depending on the severity, you can get results that are long-lasting, anything from the fifth through to the eight treatment. So it’s somewhere around the sixth or seventh treatment on average to resolve one of these.

Now as with all the other treatments, it just feels comfortably warm.

The way it works is by stimulating your own body’s healing mechanisms. So, the laser itself doesn’t do any healing; it stimulates the production of something called ATP, which is the chemical that provides energy to our cells. Now we create this normally by combining food and oxygen in our cells, but the laser will cause it to be generated just straight away, directly in the injured cells.

When the cells have more energy, they heal a lot faster. The laser also causes those cells to go into a defensive mode, by producing a chemical. It’s slightly toxic to a cell, and in a small doses causes the cell to produce the enzymes and proteins for cell regeneration.

So not only are we increasing the energy within the cell, but we are also triggering the genes for cell regeneration, and the two of those stimulate your body’s own natural healing mechanism.